Meet the Team


Stephen Reece- Import Director: Son of Jeannie Bennett, Stephen joined the Bennett team in 2007, where he branched out of the retail world, beginning Bennett to the Trade. He focus's on Italian manufacturing, logistics, creating relationships with small artisan builders, and expanding production. Stephen's favorite task is working with builders to create new product. 

Max Bennett- VP of Sales: Son of Rick and Jeannie Bennett, Max joined the Bennett team in 2016, where he was instantly thrown into the world of wholesale. Starting with maintaining Bennett to the Trade's digital space to further expanding his role into sales, marketing, and other tasks designed to expand the Bennett to the Trade footprint. Max's favorite task is finding that perfect, last minute piece for a client's project. 

Aya Akimoto- Procurement Coordinator: Aya joined the team in 2023. With over 10 years of customer service experience, she is a client relationship specialist, focusing on relations with the Italian side of the operation, bringing the most up to date information to our clientele.  Aya's favorite task is solving the unsolvable problem.