Stocking Dealers



  • $20K Min. Opening Order
  • $50K Total Sales per Calendar Year


  • You receive 20% off Wholesale Pricing
  • Access to the Signature Stocking Dealer Line
  • All Stocking Dealers will receive free sample sets upon request.
  • Regional Exclusivity

Other Stocking Dealer Information:

  • Stocking Dealer accounts are required to maintain a minimum annual purchase or be required to re-open their account or switched to Wholesale price tier.
  • The time to hit the annual minimum is January 1st to December 31st with a reset day every year on January 1st.
  • As a courtesy, all stocking dealers will be notified, during the 4th quarter of the year, how far below the minimum requirements they are to retain a specific tier.

Regional Representation

  • Once a stocking dealer has been established in a specific region, they have exclusivity in that area.
  • For example, if someone else from that area comes forward wanting to buy product, we will contact you and let you know of the situation.